Frequently Asked Questions

Should I inform my health care provider before taking TriNOgen?
As with any nutritional supplement, check with your health care provider when adding to your regimen. Please be aware many practitioners are now just becoming aware of the benefits of Nitric Oxide. However, there are many medical studies and other resources supporting Nitric Oxide supplementation.

Can Nitric Oxide promote normal blood pressure?
Emerging research suggests that maintaining appropriate Nitric Oxide levels in the body helps promote normal blood pressure.

Do I still need vitamins?
Most likely, TriNOgen is not a multi-vitamin. But this should be discussed with your healthcare practitioner before making that choice.

What if I am taking cholesterol medication, like Crestor®?
As with any nutritional supplement check with your Doctor when adding to your regimen. TriNOgen is botanicals and other ingredients that help your body naturally produce Nitric Oxide. Only your health care provider can review the effects of the medication with Nitric Oxide and determine what’s safest for you.

Why are people taking Nitric Oxide now?
Scientists studying this molecule have found that Nitric Oxide helps support normal blood pressure, heart function and is the main regulator of brain and digestive function. But until recently, most of this information was only shared within the scientific community. Now with major media outlets picking up the story, and sharing some of the over 100,000 published research papers, the public interest is growing. Initally, most people who heard of Nitric Oxide know it from bodybuilding, workout or erectile dysfunction supplements. Now, as new applications increase, so does public awareness.

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