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“I have deeply enjoyed 47 years of Clinical Practice in Sports Medicine, Preventive Cardiology and Family Practice. I have come to read extensively the huge and broad application of Nitric Oxide.  Recently, I was introduced to TriNOgen as the next generation of Nitric Oxide supplement. After close examination of the science data and benefits behind TriNOgen I now personally use it and unequivocally recommend it to everyone I know."

R. Graham Reedy, M.D., California

Since adding TriNOgen to my daily regimen, I have seen my heart rate drop on average 10-15 bpm whether resting or active. It needed to come down, and it has just by adding TriNOgen twice daily.”

Linda, Massachusetts

“After being on TriNOgen for 2 weeks, years of swings in my blood pressure has noticably improved. I felt calmer yet more energy. I am grateful to have found a natural way to smooth out my pressure roller coaster”

Ruth, USA

“I'm 51 years old and have a busy work schedule. I work a 12 hour rotating shift with a 3 hour commute time. I barely get 5 restful hours of sleep and usually have no energy to exercise in any form. I have been taking TriNOgen twice a day for about a month. I started walking 4 miles a day without being exhausted and feeling awesome. Thank you TriNOgen!!!”

Yolanda, Massachusetts

“I'm 32 years old, work out, eat a healthy plant-based diet, but inside my arteries said I was 53. I was so shocked and scared. I have a long healthy life ahead of me; so grateful.”

Jenna, Connecticut

"I am an over-50 guy and I take TriNOgen for improved sexual health. The nitric oxide boost has a powerful effect and has increased my ability and my confidence. And it doesn't just work for guys. My girlfriend loves it too!"

Matthew, Ireland

“I am diagnosed with breast cancer; I am taking TriNOgen to support my immune system by giving my blood and cells the "miracle molecule" - nitric oxide. I am taking 6 a day and I've noticed the detoxification process of my body has improved. That means the junk is coming out of my body making room for the healing nutrients to flow to needed areas. My breathing is better as well and I've have reduced the use of my inhaler by 60%. A by-product of using TriNOgen to increase my blood flow, is I am feeling very vital as a woman in every aspect!”

Dona, Florida

“With my lab results in hand, I am now the poster child for TriNOgen. Not bad for 75 years young!”

Dr. Howard Peiper, Florida


“I am a 28 year old Cross-Fit athlete living in high altitude. TriNOgen is by far the best performance supplement I have ever used. Even though I have been only using the product for 2 months. my strength gains are significant. I have been able to push myself beyond previous limits. Great product and I recommend it to anyone serious about their sport.”

Sal,  Santa Fe, NM

"I have been using TriNOgen since late July. I am asthmatic and my breathing was pretty bad. It stopped being an issue about one week after using the TriNOgen. I even went to Park City, Utah, where I have had much breathing and altitude issues. None, while I was there. I felt fabulous. Very happy with TriNOgen."

Katherine, USA

“I see TriNOgen as basic of a component for heart patients as a daily aspirin protocol.”

Dr. Joel Kahn, Michigan

"I am diabetic and after taking TriNOgen for only 30 days I could hardly believe my weekly blood sugars dropped by over 100 points. My endocrinologist is enthusiastic and I'm elated, thank you TriNOgen."

Dana, Washington